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The authentic Nikiti, Halkidiki travel guide: Discover the idyllic coastal resort Serenity Suites Destination Travel Guide

Have an insider’s look into Nikiti, Halkidiki, and plan for a laidback yet centrally-located luxe holiday destination in one of northern Greece’s most charming seaside areas. Enjoy a gorgeous landscape made of crystalline waters and verdant forests, perfect for a pacifying Grecian escape with your other half or group of friends. Find excellent things to do in Nikiti, Halkidiki that are equal parts relaxing and lively and enjoy luxuriating on golden beaches, diving into the area’s longstanding history, or having an authentic taverna lunch with incredible seascape views. Learn everything you need to know about Nikiti and savour holidays to cherish forever.

What is Nikiti, Halkidiki like?

Nikiti is located on the second peninsula of the much sought-after Halkidiki region. It gives off strong Greek island feels but is conveniently located nearby the cosmopolitan city of Thessaloniki, which makes it easily accessible and reachable. The second peninsula, or “leg” as it is often called, is, in essence, an excellent combination of gorgeous laidback landscapes coupled with lively energy.

Feel wowed by the lush landscape

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer beauty of Nikiti. As soon as you enter the periphery of your hotel in Nikiti, Halkidiki, you understand why the area has long been a holiday destination for travellers from all over. In addition to its clear turquoise waters, Halkidiki’s second leg in particular is regarded for its robust landscape comprised of pine trees, colourful wildflowers, and imposing mountains. Its scenery beckons travellers from near and far to get out and enjoy natural beauty, whether on land or sea. Additionally, due to such rural makeup, it offers a shady reprieve from the intensity of the sun while enjoying your holidays.

Enjoy things to do in Nikiti, Halkidiki’s bustling town

A Nikiti, Halkidiki travel guide would be remiss not to mention the infectious energy in the surrounding area. Enjoy a mid-size coastal town that is bursting with restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping. In addition, Nikiti has a lively promenade where locals and visitors alike gather for strolls in front of the sea before selecting a place for coffee or a cocktail while engaging in people-watching or finding an excellent spot to watch the sunset in a charming establishment. Nikiti’s energy personifies Greece’s long-talked-about animated nature that bursts with life while enjoying a beachy atmosphere.

Embrace a laidback Grecian vibe

Embrace a laidback Grecian vibe

If peaceful Greek island-esque holidays are what you are looking for, then Nikiti also checks all the boxes. Though there are plenty of things to do in Nikiti, Halkidiki in terms of entertainment, outings, and excursions, it still embodies the laidback lifestyle of a Greek seaside setting that has allured travellers for decades. With a conglomerate of authentic restaurants where long, leisurely meals are encouraged, as well as being the setting of well-organised beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas, Nikiti truly embraces what it means to be relaxing.

Meet the high-quality Greek cuisine & entertainment

If you are looking for Greek tastes and entertainment then you are in the right place, since there are plenty of options. A full day of indulgences leaves no moment untapped. Start your day enjoying your morning coffee with the views of the sea either at “Cafe Veranda” or “Kalivaki” cafe. Enjoy your lunch at a seaside restaurant for fresh fish and seafood such as the romantic “Arsanas” or try traditional dishes at “Rizes” restaurant. Sip inspiring cocktails at the “Remezzo” or the “Muse” bar and end your day dancing under the starry sky.

How do I reach Nikiti, Halkidiki?

Part of the allure of Nikiti is that it is very easy to access once you have reached northern Greece. Located a mere 87 kilometres from Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport and the city itself, Halkidiki is simple to locate and the national road directs travellers to the Halkidiki peninsulas. However you choose to reach the surrounding area, it is a peaceful, coastal journey from Thessaloniki down to Halkidiki.

Travel to Nikiti by plane

If you are travelling to Nikiti from abroad, the easiest way to do so is to fly into the Thessaloniki Airport, which has direct flights from most major European airports. Once you descend into Thessaloniki from the airspace, the transfer by car, taxi, or bus takes less than 90 minutes but always depends on the level of traffic and time of year.

Reach Nikiti by car

If you’re opting for a road trip, the scenic and bucolic coastal drive into Halkidiki is a bonus. Such a drive can occur from beyond the borders of Greece, or if you fly into Athens the national road puts you in Thessaloniki in about 6 hours. Additionally, your hotel in Nikiti, Halkidiki offers a complimentary transfer from and to the airport when you book directly.

What are the best beaches in Nikiti, Halkidiki?

One of the best things to do in Nikiti is to spend plenty of time savouring the undeniably captivating charms of the nearby beaches. Secret Serenity hotel in Nikiti, Halkidiki is centrally located to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, making outings to the crystalline waters a total cinch. Marvel at the vast sparkling waters, the soft golden sand, and the sumptuous landscape that cocoons the beaches and offers a unique flair.

Enter an oasis at Kalogria Beach

Enter an oasis at Kalogria Beach

Make your holidays one to cherish with an outing to Kaologria Beach, a beautiful stretch of coastline that surrounds ambient, shallow waters perfect for a peaceful day under the sun. It is well-organised with loungers and umbrellas but is far less crowded than some of the other beaches in the area. Suppose an optimal day for your fantastic holidays consists of sipping cocktails with your loved one, or perhaps hitting the open waters while engaging in watersports, and in particular diving. In that case, Kalogria Beach is a must for your Nikiti, Halkidiki travel guide.

Be entertained for hours at Nikiti Beach

It doesn’t get much closer to your hotel in Nikiti, Halkidiki than the town’s namesake beach. Step out your front door and reach the sparkling beach that is only 200 metres from the premises. Additionally, it is the closest Nikiti beach to the main promenade, so after a day of relaxing on the loungers or diving into the clear waters with snorkeling equipment, it is well worth it to stroll around the seaside. Select an upscale bar for cocktails or an authentic taverna for a fresh meal with local ingredients. Never feel bored or far from the action during a satisfying outing to Nikiti Beach!

Feel totally at ease at Agios Ioannis Beach

Opt for the calm, aquamarine waters at Agios Ioannis Beach and discover why Halkidiki’s beaches are regarded as some of the best in all of Greece. Located in the southern part of Nikiti, Halkidiki, Agios Ioannis is a quiet beach oasis that still provides visitors with the option to select sun loungers and umbrellas for optimal relaxation. With a snack bar on-site, feel at ease ordering light mezzes and cool beverages for a truly Greek sea experience on one of Nikiti’s most crystalline and shimmering beaches.

What are the best things to do in Nikiti, Halkidiki to discover local culture?

Nikiti, Halkidiki is so much more than just a beach destination. It is a vibrant town that is rooted in history and with a proud local culture. Spend time hitting the town for evenings consisting of intimate meals, immersive cultural experiences, and spectacular sightseeing that offers travellers a deeper appreciation of Nikiti’s beauty and charms. Find out about the local cultural traditions and appeal that make Nikiti an attractive holiday destination for travellers from near and far.

Stroll through charming Old Town Nikiti, Halkidiki

Discover the Old Town in Nikiti and prepare for a glorious outing where you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. The heart of the village holds the secrets to the past, and exploring its winding cobblestone streets, stone houses, and traditional tavernas make for an enjoyable outing. Find souvenirs to take home at the many quaint shops that sell olive oils, dried herbs, pieces of woodwork, and the famous Halkidiki honey. Ascend the hill of Old Town to reach soaring heights and see amazing views of the endless sea and its stunning horizon. Then, kick back with a cup of Greek coffee or glass of wine and enjoy the best seat in the house for the sunset.

Visit the comprehensive Folklore Museum

Take a deep dive into the local history and heritage at the wonderfully maintained Historical & Folklore Museum of Nikiti. Spending time at the museum, which is located in Old Town, is a great way to learn about the way life once was in Nikiti, which can be seen in the over 1500 displayed artefacts. See household objects, old-fashioned clothing, coins, and documents that indicate how the locals operated 200-plus years ago. Regarded as one of the cultural hubs of the entire surrounding area, it’s a Nikiti, Halkidiki travel guide must-see.

Indulge in traditional meals by land & sea

Indulge in traditional meals by land & sea

Experience local and fresh cuisine at one of Nikiti’s many charming restaurants. Opt for meat dishes and sumptuous mezzes in a traditional old-school taverna in Old Town, or embrace the maritime way of life with a delectable seafood restaurant along the promenade. Discover why the Greek diet is so revered the world over by selecting seasonal dishes that come courtesy of the surrounding area. Be sure to sample Halkidiki specialties, including rich olive oil, sweet honey, tangy feta, and ripe produce. Enjoy an intimate meal with your partner at sunset, or select a lively Nikiti restaurant full of life to enjoy with friends.

What activities should I add to my Nikiti, Halkidiki itinerary?

Explore the crystalline sea with watersports

Engage in watersports and be exposed to a whole new side of the majestic Aegean. The majority of beaches in Nikiti provide access to watersport options whether you want to kick up your adrenaline while jet skiing, or cruise gently on a tandem kayak. And because a handful of Nikiti beaches are Blue Flag certified, a highly coveted award bestowed upon superbly clean and attractive beaches, it means that the waters are highly conducive for watersports.

Feel a sense of freedom on a sailing excursion

The second peninsula of Halkidiki, and Nikiti in particular, are ripe with opportunities to head out to sea on a group or private sailing excursion. Take a walk through the central part of town and you are bound to find several sailing companies that offer half-day, full-day, and sunset cruises that take you from one spectacular beach to the next. Engaging in a sailing cruise is an excellent way to see a larger part of Halkidiki and even allows you to go to interesting places like the third leg where Mt. Athos, otherwise known as the Holy Mountain, is. No matter the duration or destination, a sailing excursion is one of the best things to do in Nikiti.

Revel in the laidback-cool nightlife

Hit the town at night and see why Nikiti is not just a daytime destination. The second peninsula of Halkidiki has a much more chill nightlife than the first peninsula, but it is still a defining quality of the area. Head to the promenade as the sun begins to set and find a variety of fabulous cocktail bars, lounge music, and modern hangouts that gather locals and travellers under one roof for a night of lively conversation, dancing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Explore Nikiti with help from Serenity Suites Hotel in Nikiti, Halkidiki

Prepare for holidays to cherish in Nikiti, one of the premier destinations in all of Halkidiki. Let Serenity Suites help you unravel all the hot spots and hidden gems of the area, whether you seek peaceful holidays by the hotel pool, exploratory days in Old Town, or authentic meals by the sea. Book a Nikiti, Halkidiki holiday, and rest assured you enjoy moments to cherish while traveling with your significant other or furry friend in the highly pet-friendly accommodation. Kick back, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful things to do in Nikiti, Halkidiki during a fantastic holiday getaway in the heart of northern Greece.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Nikiti, Halkidiki for your holiday

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Nikiti, Halkidiki for your holiday

  • Strategic location allowing you to explore all three Halkidiki peninsulas
  • Easy and fast access from Thessaloniki’s airport “Makedonia” by car
  • Soothing landscapes with olive trees and pine forests
  • Virgin beaches with transparent azure waters and fine sand
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and snorkelling.

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